You Are The Sound Of Home

~The stillness liberates a sound of peace. My heart is as steady as the current of its voice. A joyful light rolls over the face of this thirsty land, pouring knowledge throughout its expanse. As I stand and wait I watch over the hills. Every slope rises and falls into a mysteriously beautiful atmosphere. Between each curve there is a wind carrying through with a gentle message, working with the heavens to articulate its passion. Its soaring fervor forces a gust straight through my spirit, dropping me to my knees.

Beneath my hands I can feel an enticing hum. The soft sand dances and skips along this curious tone. I press my ear to the ground; my heart expresses deep longing to find its beginning. The breeze maintains the same intriguing hum and guides me along my back, compassing me to the origin of this homely sound.

I feel the closeness of uniting as my heart races and joins in the hum that surrounds the life of this land. This path is narrow but precise, palpitating stronger with each desperate step. Above this hill the path hugs, I can see that my heart will no longer have to seek to find. The journey my feet have known falls behind the hill that holds back what is glorious. The heavens occupy the reflection of what is beyond. I so desire to run into the arms of the skies… but I am mesmerized by the glory veiled. Everything I ever dreamed is inhabited beneath the hill before me. The caring light of the heaven opens its arms and reaches for me, to welcome me, and to hold me. My steps no longer need the guidance of the path behind me. What is before me has now found me.

The brilliance of what shines blinds my understanding of the things shyly seen. I hear the constant hum, mingled with joyful songs, and intimate praises. I realize some One is behind me. His left hand supports the back of my neck while His right hand is cupped over my eyes. He pushes me through the presence of thousands upon thousands on my every side. They feel like the love of a family. They feel like the company of friends. My heart is drawn backwards, towards the One who is leading me, wanting so urgently to face the One who loves me.

Your pace slows down and Your grace hesitates my walk. I anxiously wait while You have paused me in Your arms. I am engulfed in such a deep sea of penetrating love. Your hand politely nudges me forward as Your other hand falls from my eyes. The breathing light swarms all over me, clothing my whole body in the lyrics of truth, the composition of this heavenly hum.

Beautiful forms circle me, but the light overlays the faces of these joyful companions. I turn frantically to look into the eyes of the One behind me, but He is not there. My eyes weave within the crowd to find the One I love. I cannot find Him, but His presence wafts in between my feet and through my arms easing my heart into an understanding calm.

Your light lowers to a tender glow, resting easy on the faces of these fellow lovers of You. Now I can see them clearly. They all have incomparable features, but they all look like You. Each one speaks of Your intricate design, all are carved with Your care. It is beautifully obvious You mold each heart intimately to mirror Your desires.

The eyes of my brothers and sisters speak of the stories You have written them. Some look sad, as though their hopes had set sail into a godless horizon, but Your salvation came to them in Your redeeming dawn. And some seemed pierced with a throbbing wound leaving them alone to slowly fade, but You set a steady flow of your streaming blood to unite their hearts into Your body, to live forever. This multitude lives. The tribulations from times past only serve as the spark that ignites the fire raging in these thankful hearts. They all look into me as they welcome me to into them, and I see You in them, and that You are not too far at all.

My celebration with them is pleasing and watching their jubilant testimonies amazes me, but I still long even more to find You. I see the crowd, caught up in their admirable fellowship, but the breeze picks up again to move me along.

I begin to walk amidst the people, searching for Your familiar face. Your breath wraps around my wrists and pulls me away from the crowd and into a open field. I can see You from afar. My heart wishes it could speed through the air to reach You more swiftly. My legs are relieved that I have finally met the place to approach You.

I run into Your craving embrace. Your hands hold my face to Yours and I swim in the deepness of Your eyes. Every tear that falls, You catch. Your strong fingers wipe away each tear with Your electric touch, healing their every trace. Your everlasting arms assure me that I am held by You forever. I rest my head into Your shoulders to sink heavy in Your heart. Your press Your lips into my head as You sway me in Your love. Your eyes close tightly together, and even You let tears escape from Your heart. I cling even tighter to You, Jesus. The breeze of heaven clings to us, and I begin to hear a sound that I have known without knowing. Your heart moves, and You hum Your love to me. Each beat of my heart consumes what comes from Your voice, like an unrelenting fire in a parched forest.

You have entwined Your love in the grooves of my heart, never to be untied. All of heaven is a hug to me, the enduring capture of my Everlasting Father.~