Why do we pass by our Lord when we see Him there weeping? He laments over a people named Judas. He knows of that Day, when they will be exposed, when a kiss won’t endear Him. His light will manifest their tumult of sins behind their backs and they will face their shame before a Just God whose wrath will be poured out on the sons of disobedience. His heart is heavy with grief because they don’t know that they are Tares, they indulge in the appearance and foolishly disregard the sacrifice. He screams at them through the cross, He shoves them with His Word, He pleads with His Spirit, but they refuse to listen and they don’t repent.

I feel like an arm, but I can’t embrace. I feel like a hand, but I can’t heal. I feel like a foot, but I can’t run to the lost. I feel like a head, but I can’t speak. My flesh is warm and My heart beats, but I am paralyzed. It’s because I have no spine. There is no backbone to lift Me up so that the members of My body can move and be Me. I am disembodied... and I hang here alone, unnoticed. Is My blood not sufficient? Was the giving of My body not enough? Was there more than death to defeat? In My Kingdom, is there not enough room? I have stretched out My hands all day long and all I desire is that you love one another, yet you resist Me. If I have called you to love your enemies, then how much more should you affectionately love your brothers and sisters? When My love truly is in the midst of you, I will move and You will see My glory among you.

I was born into the world in lowliness, but you seek status. I smiled at a stranger, but you stiffened your neck to a sister and to a brother. I rode on a donkey through a crowd of praise that I knew would turn into a mob of hate, but you walk with arrogance past a friend. I ate with sinners, you divide. I took your place in death, and you betray Me. You worship Me, but reject My image bearers. They are all around you, and I am not separate from them... I am in them. You reject them, you reject Me. Your hatred for them is your hatred for Me. Your hardened heart towards them is pride before Me. How do I accept a blemished offering? I am holy, I will not be pleased with it. If you fear man, you don’t fear Me. Flaunt yourself in My robe before My people, but My righteousness doesn’t fit a hypocrite. You can not hold Me and push Me at the same time. My cross cries out to you, humble yourself and love those I have given to you to show Myself lovely through. Love them, every one of them, and please Me. By loving them, You love Me.

“Lord, don’t let hypocrisy be named among us. Save us from such deceit. You resist the proud, so remove it from us, that we can approach You and know Your grace. Teach us to submit to one another in fear of You, and to restore one another with Your Words. Let our hearts sincerely have compassion towards one another. Give us understanding, one of our most wonderful gifts, and let our gentleness be known by all men. The only boldness we should have is in facing the enemy with Your victory, not in ranking ourselves above our brothers and sisters. Remind us that our goodness is nothing apart from You. Conceit, and a haughty look, let them not be remembered in Your sight when You look at us. You are holy, let us get on our knees and be holy as You are holy.

My King, on that Day, when Your feet touch the earth, I pray that you are pleased with us and that Your anger passes over us because we are marked by Your blood, because we bow low before You. When the earth is sifted as wheat, let us remain in You, and keep us for Your keeping, because we call upon Your name and because You have redeemed us. Jesus, I thank you that You didn’t pass me by when I laid bare and broken before You. If You, being our God, didn’t recognize our mourning and regret, or didn’t accept our repentance or considered our sorrow, You would still be the Almighty and would be just in Your judgment. You would still be considered righteous in all Your ways. But You did hear our cries and chose to preserve us. You are slow to anger and great in mercy. We sing of Your righteousness and bless Your holy name. Our eyes look expectantly to You, we still need Your saving. Let Your love arise within Your body of believers and bind us together. I thank You for Your people, they resemble You, and I rejoice in the day that I get to share Your love, and receive Your love, with those You call Yours. For all that You have done, I pray that You are satisfied with the labor of Your soul. Amen.”