My Sleep

Jesus, allow me to approach You, my King. Permit me to come near You. For the night no longer welcomes my rest. Something ransoms the laying down of my head. When the sun falls behind the earth, a melody dances in my hearing and lures my sleep away. When I close my eyes, I remember its place… everything in me reaches to dwell in this well acquainted song. I have heard it before. It's Your song You sing to me. I heard Your lovingkindness beckoning me to pursue the trace of this sweet-sounding canopy. My heart caught the sound of Your voice and leaped to return to You. Your invitation compelled me to arise and chase after the dawning of Your Word. No stars lit the way; there was no moon to guide me. The resonance of Your song ushered me through a foreign land, and brought me to Your holy hill. Let me ascend to You, my rest longs for You.

Please Father, the night does not remember me, so let me stay with You tonight. Lead me with Your hand to travel along Your ways, and let my feet treasure Your paths of peace. All around me, Your glory promenades me further along, and farther away. Your home eases every desire and soothes every passion. It is here where they are realized. In Your place, they are let loose to bask in Your pleasure. Their expectation is to illuminate Your goodness and shine forth Your grace. I have no greater honor, my Lord. There is nowhere else to belong; no other room to hang up my will.

Accompany my eyes to Yours. Strengthen my heart to gaze into Yours. Your face is so beautiful before me; so radiant with joy and gently arrayed with love. Father, I love You. Even Your eyes are lit up with Your song, and my soul engages Your singing. When You look into me… how do I not unravel at the approach of Your gaze? You are too wonderful for me. Life that waits at the entrance of Your words holds my being together in Your penetrating righteousness. Cover me. Remember that the breath You have given me is only dressed in dust. My soul is only clothed by Your command. I stand before You and my knees do not support me steadily, yet my feet give no order to stand. Cause my spirit to unite with Your presence. Let me just be with You, as a daughter with her father. The created being known by the Creator.

When I press my head into Your chest, I hear the heart of my Savior pound away the face of the earth. All that is left is You… only You. The kiss You leave upon my check forever binds me to You. Adonay, my Adonay, why does a tear stroll down Your affectionate countenance? How is it that You love me so much? I suppose the inhabitants of eternity endlessly toil in this mystery. I do not ponder alone at how such an affair has been settled in all of Heaven. So many, my Lord, so many of us revere Your precious gift.

I can tell by the look in Your eyes and the sigh that just departed Your chest that the new day is pressing and the sun is crowning. Our meeting ends, yearning for another. All of creation is awakening to You. Jesus… Jesus, before I return to the morning, give me one thing for the exchange of my heart. There is not much I hold in my hands to offer. However, my Lord, what I do have belongs to You. Let the fullness of my heart and the breath of my life go up before You. I pray that my offering is acceptable to You. Grant my eyes the remembrance of Your smile, and let not my ears forget Your laughter. Father, leave Your print on me and set me aside for You. I have seen marvelous things in Your twilight; midway sun and moon. My heart already wishes the night would pull over the day with its starry drapes again… for another song… for another night with You.